Snapping Turtle Books

Snapping Turtle Books is a royalty-paying publisher of fiction and non-fiction books. Please check our submission guidelines before submitting a manuscript.  Failure to do so will not get you ahead of the crowd, just convince us you can't read very well.

Announcing the Diamonds in the Rough Mentoring Program

Here at Snapping Turtle, we are bombarded with manuscripts from talented young authors who are struggling to get published. These authors have probably received a number of "Revise and Resubmit" letters from the larger publishers, but are left with no idea of what this means or what they need to do to get themselves through the door.

This is a high quality mentorship program that will allow an author to refine and prepare their work for submission, not only to Snapping Turtle, but to any major publisher, or make it ready for self-publishing, if they choose to go that route. We are not asking for or expecting copyright of the work. Click here for full details and an application form.

Space is limited but we will wait-list worthy applicants, so apply now!